Jerry Lewis Urges Congress to Protect Medicare

by ALSN Staff on Thu, 2007-11-01 15:19
Jerry Lewis

MDA National Chairman Jerry Lewis has sent letters to Congress urging passage of legislation protecting the Medicare benefits of those who rely on complex medical equipment and technology, such as high-tech power wheelchairs.

H.R. 2231, the Medicare Access to Complex Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology Act of 2007, would exempt “all complex rehabilitation products and assistive technologies” from Medicare’s competitive bidding policy, allowing those with severe physical disabilities access to the highly customized mobility equipment they need.

Current Medicare competitive bidding policy limits those who need such equipment to one or two pre-selected equipment vendors, “promoting a one-size-fits-all concept of care,” Lewis said in his letter to Congress.

“How can you tell people they only can choose from a few types of wheelchairs?” asks Lewis. “This is not only medically wrong, but fiscally irresponsible.”

ALSN Staff
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