Letter to the Editor

by ALSN Staff on Mon, 2010-03-01 10:35

Gulf War vets with ALS not forgotten

In your January-February [2010] issue, I found your article about Gulf War ALS (“Research Roundup: Soil bacteria implicated in ALS-Gulf War connection”) very interesting. My husband Randy is one of those 40 from the Gulf who have ALS.

Randy has outlived most of the veterans who were diagnosed with Gulf War ALS. He is also one of the Marine officers who testified before Congress about his exposure to toxins, which led to the ALS/Gulf investigation. It is nice to know these veterans have not been forgotten and studies are still being done to prove what we have suspected for years.

Randy has done extremely well with ALS, his positive attitude and motivation are encouraging. In your articles, let people know life does not have to stop just because you have ALS.
Kim Hebert
Emerald Isle, N.C.

ALSN Staff
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