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by ALSN Staff on Mon, 2010-03-01 14:31

ALS doesn’t play favorites. Athletes and couch potatoes, parents and grandparents, even teenagers — anyone can get it. The letters “ALS” truly could stand for “Anyone’s Life Story.”

For the past three years, in order to put a human face on this little-known but devastating disease, MDA has posted the online series “ALS: Anyone’s Life Story,” during May’s national ALS Awareness Month. Each day in May, a different person with ALS is profiled online, telling about the individual’s hopes, fears, challenges and most of all, determination.

Local media are alerted when a member of their community is featured in Anyone’s Life Story, sometimes leading to additional newspaper and TV coverage about the disease and its affect on individuals and families.

Right now, MDA is selecting 31 individuals from around the country for this year’s series. Might you or someone you know be a good candidate? If so, contact your local MDA health care service coordinator and let her or him know of your interest by March 15. (You can be connected to your local office by calling 800-572-1717.)

To view the profiles that have run in past years, go to the MDA/ALS Division Web site, click on Resources at the top, then Anyone’s Life Story.

ALSN Staff
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