Watch for ‘Anyone’s Life Story’ During May

by ALSN Staff on Wed, 2009-04-01 09:16
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Business leaders, moms and dads, teachers, coaches, athletes, grandparents — anyone can get ALS.

Putting a human face on this little-known but devastating disease is the goal of MDA’s online series “ALS: Anyone’s Life Story,” which will run throughout May. Each day, a different person with ALS will be featured, along with a brief profile, raising awareness of ALS by illustrating that it truly can be “Anyone’s Life Story.”

Thirty-one individuals from around the country have been selected for the series, which coincides with national ALS Awareness Month. Local media outlets often highlight individuals featured in this series, leading to additional newspaper and TV coverage about the disease and its affect on individuals and families.

This is the third year MDA has posted the series; past years can be viewed by going to the MDA ALS Division Web site and clicking on Resources at the top, then Anyone’s Life Story.

ALSN Staff
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