MDA/ALS Newsmagazine Vol. 12, No. 3

March 2007

Cover Story

Ron and Linda Edwards found a way to help both themselves and others
Ron Edwards of Pryor, Okla., never expected to be the co-owner of a home business with his wife, Linda. With a 38-year career in banking, Ron, 59, was content to be a bank president. In the fall of 2005, Ron began experiencing muscle weakness in his shoulders and arms, and after rotator cuff...


Losing the ability to speak is a harsh reality for people with ALS. It happens at different times for different people, depending on where the ALS symptoms appear and how fast the disease is progressing. It’s also important to realize that preparing for loss of the ability to speak is psychologicall...
For people with ALS, finding innovative ways to ensure better sleep comfort benefits everyone in the household. Proper bed positioning is vital because it helps improve circulation, minimizes the swelling associated with severe weakness and muscle inactivity, and helps prevent skin breakdown (pressu...

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